Friday, June 10, 2011

The 7 Athletes You Want to Have Your Back in a Bar Fight

Floating around the internet is this article about what athletes you want on your side in a bar fight. There appears to be no creativity to the list. The article literally could not be more obvious (Ray Lewis and OJ? Of course you want to be fighting WITH the murderers, not AGAINST them).

In my opinion, you're looking for some combination of these personality types on your side in a bar fight:
  1. Badass
  2. Wins at all costs (translation: fights dirty)
  3. Bat shit crazy

After the jump, we put some thought into it and came up with the following players who you want with you when you  have one Four Horseman too many (which would be one) and start screaming out the lyrics to Piano Man at the top of your lungs. Not that said scenario has ever happened to any radio show hosts. Enjoy.